A vision for Tokyo

This spring we’ll beheading out to Japan. Our destination will be Tokyo where we will spend our time catching a vision for ministry in Tokyo. We’ll meet up with several church planters in Tokyo and talk about what the future of Karis in Tokyo might look like and how we can partner with other churches there to affect gospel change within this great city. This video helps explain our vision for Tokyo.

Tokyo Vision Trip

tokyo ngader

Announcing the 2014 Tokyo Vision Trip

This spring Karis will return to Japan with a focus on Tokyo.

This trip will serve two purposes:

  1. Expanding the Vision– Karis seeks to invest in missions to Japan. This begins by sending missionaries to Japan. Therefore, the purpose of this trip will be largely a chance for members of Karis who are considering long-term international missions to come and see first hand the great need for the gospel in Japan. We will also be narrowing our vision down to Tokyo. We believe that Tokyo is where we should begin our ministry efforts in Japan and this trip will help us learn more about this immense city.
  2. Building relationships- Last year we met some wonderful church planters who are beginning their ministries in Tokyo. We hope to reconnect with them and learn more about their specific contexts and how we might help partner with them to see new churches planted and the gospel spread in Tokyo.

There are still a few available slots so, if you are a member of Karis and are interested in coming on this trip please contact drew@karischurch.org by January 26th.

Please pray for this trip as we begin our initial preparations.

Heading Out

Today, Megumi and I will head out at 2am to begin our 18 hour jaunt to Japan. This marks our first trip to Japan since we moved back to the states in 2011. In a way it feels like I’m returning home. I spent 4+ years of my life in Japan. I began my adult life there, met and married my wife there and spent our first year of marriage together there. I lived through several major disasters in Japan, including the 2011 tsunami. These experiences coupled with the culture of Japan have helped to shape who I am today, through what Christ worked to reveal to me in my heart. Since our return to the states, Christ has continually called me to repentance over sin that I have been blind to for so long. God in his graciousness brought us back to Columbia and into the family of Karis. Over the past year we have been very blessed to meet so many wonderful brothers and sisters and work alongside of them for the sake of the gospel to make Christ known in this great city. Now, I’m excited that in just 10 days my family will be coming home with me. Will you commit to praying for the trip as we travel Japan together meeting with church leaders, seeking to discern what the future of ministry in Japan will look like.


“For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” (Romans 12: 4-5)