Pray for Tokyo: Shinagawa and Ota

Pray for Shinagawa Ku 360,000 individuals reside in Shinagawa Ku with a mere 17 churches to reach them all. It is an area with rich historical significance. It also holds the headquarters for a number of electric companies meaning it is populated with very influential people in the corporate sphere. Horse races occur here as … Continue reading Pray for Tokyo: Shinagawa and Ota

Pray for Tokyo: Adachi and Katsushika

Adachi ward (足立区) is the 5th largest ward in Tokyo. Surrounded by 7 rivers, it is an agricultural area with many farmers as wells as factories for their industry. The population is 645,000 with a total of 27 churches to reach out to the hurting and lost. Crime is more prevalent here due in part … Continue reading Pray for Tokyo: Adachi and Katsushika

Pray for Japan: The Church

With only .03% of Japan's 130 million people claiming to follow Jesus, the church of Japan has its work cut out for it. Here are 5 ways that you can pray for the church in Japan this week. 1. Revival and unity in the Japanese Church- There are over 160 denominations in Japan among them are … Continue reading Pray for Japan: The Church

Pray for Tokyo: History

Tokyo was not always the great city that it is today. Japanese history traces Tokyo's history back to humble roots as a small fishing village, named Edo. Eventually, Edo would be over run with samurai which would lead to the construction of Edo Castle.  This castle would become the home of Tokugawa Ieyasu, perhaps the most prolific … Continue reading Pray for Tokyo: History