A conversation on Reaching Japan

Karis Church just launched a new podcast this week and Drew was invited to be the first guest on the podcast. Listen to Drew share about Japan and why we feel called to take the gospel there.

Tackling the deadliest day for Japanese teenagers – BBC News

Tackling the deadliest day for Japanese teenagers – BBC News:

This week in Japan many students have a bleak outlook on life as they consider the impending start of the new semester. Sadly, this week is historically known to have the highest rates of suicide among Japan’s youth. Please pray for the youth of Japan, that they might come to know the hope of the gospel.


Day 4 in Tokyo: One Day SOMA


Today was the first day of the One Day SOMA seminar.  It’s a one day seminar that they have done in the States, Europe and Australia and now Japan. Because of the need for translation however, they “One Day” seminar is actually stretched over 2 days.  Jeremy and I arrived early to help setup and get things going. I was in charge of registration which was fun and gave me an opportunity to talk to everyone and stretch my Japanese muscles.  The first day was great. I feel like Jeff and Todd were really helpful in helping us to see the power of the gospel over all cultures including Japanese culture which people often have a lot of push back towards.

After the first day we headed out to Sushi with the guys and talked more about Japan and what we were learning.


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Day 3 in Tokyo: Countryside Tokyo

Today was an adventure. One of the things that Jeremy said he wanted to do on this trip was to see some of the Japanese country side. Since we didn’t have much time I decided to take him to the mountains of Tokyo where I used to live. We left around 7am and rode a few packed trains out towards the mountains in the west. We arrived at Okutama station at 9am and decided to hike to a temple on top of one of the mountains.

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