Meridian, Mississippi

outside the post office

We came to Meridian on Mar 1st. So we have been here for about 2 weeks.

The members of Logos Community Church welcomed us very warmly. Even though we are here for a short time, we feel comfortable to be here and glad to be partners with them.

We have helped the church with various activities while here. The members of Logos really have passion for learning and growing together and seeing Meridian, Mississippi hear and know the Gospel. This Saturday they will host an event called “Free for All”. Around 25% percent of Meridian lives below the poverty line, which makes for many people to have a great many needs. So Logos will be giving a bunch of stuff away to people who need who need it for FREE! We are very glad to be here to help such an awesome event.

The tallest building in Meridian

We have also been exploring the town. It’s hard to explain but Meridian is an interesting town to me, mixing old and new, as well as a huge train station, and many houses where I even don’t think of….e.t.c. Anyway, we love this town.

Right now we are trying to decide financial stuff. It’s tough stuff but very important. We want to restart in a right way, so we will do our best!

Please pray for us that God will give us wisdom in our decision-making.

Going to Mississippi

We have been back in America about 3 months. We had a great time with Drew’s family during Thanksgiving and Christmas.


After the holidays we made a plan to visit Logos Community Church in Meridian Mississippi.

While we were in Japan, with God’s blessings we were able to get to know Logos Community Church and the passion they had to see the people of Japan to hear the Gospel. Some members the Church actually came to Japan in summer 2011, and worked with us. Since then we have been in contact with them.


After a lot of prayer and consideration, they decided to become our sending church. So we are heading to Mississippi for about a month or month and half. While we are there, we will work to re-establish a good foundation for our ministry in Japan.


We can’t wait to see our family in Christ, and what they are doing for Jesus and learn from them.

Going back to go forward

The first year of our marriage was crazy but good for us.

We were so excited to start doing ministry together. Which is good thing, but we didn’t think through things well, organize our plans or prepare enough.

We thought that as long as we have passion and work hard for Jesus, we can do something.

However we slowly faced many difficulties and were frustrated that we couldn’t do ministry as much as we wanted.

Moreover we learned before you start a ministry you need to spend a lot of time in preparation. We also realized that we are still young, and we have a lot to learn. We can’t do things just by ourselves. We need to repent of our pride and start over.

Even though we are still immature, God has blessed us and had mercy on us. We were able to learn many things, and met many great people; who helped us a lot. We are really grateful for that.

After praying a lot, we decided to go back to America to focus on God’s plan for us again and restart from the beginning. We gave away all our stuff so that we could follow God’s will not our will.

We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we are excited to see the plan God has for us!