Announcing 5 over 4

We started off in November with a goal of $15,000 in one-time gifts to cover our moving costs and $6000 in monthly reoccurring support to sustain our ministry in Tokyo. God has been faithful to meet our needs through his people by covering the cost of our moving expenses and bringing us closer to full monthly support.

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10 Days

In just 10 days from now I will be touching down in Tokyo. I never foresaw myself making 2 trips to Japan in 1 year but i’m thankful for how the Lord has worked. During our time with Yoshito this spring he hinted at how great it would be if we could come back at the end of the summer for the SOMA training seminar he was hosting.
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A Message to Our Partners

Earlier this summer we set out on a vision trip to Tokyo.  In many ways this trip was a success and could not have happened without your prayers and support.  Here’s  a video we shot during our trip expressing the need for missions in Japan and a bit of what I learned on this trip. Over the next few days I will begin sharing the details of our trip here.  Thank you friends and stay tuned.