A conversation on Reaching Japan

Karis Church just launched a new podcast this week and Drew was invited to be the first guest on the podcast. Listen to Drew share about Japan and why we feel called to take the gospel there.

Called to Represent Jesus

I was given the opportunity to preach at 2 Pillars Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. 2 Pillars is a member of the Acts 29 network and was planted back in 2009. Our sending church, Karis Church was able to support them in their early years and we’re grateful that our partnership continues with them today. I shared with them my story and how i’ve come to understand what it means to be called to represent Jesus. Here is the message I preached for those who would like to listen.

Thanks to our Family

It has been a long, challenging road we’ve traveled since our departure from Japan back in 2011. God has been good to us over the years and has led us to a family that has helped to call us to repentance, deeply challenge us, and lovely encourage us to continue working towards the mission that God has given us to share the good news about his son, Jesus, with the people of Japan. Continue reading Thanks to our Family

Preaching at International Community Church

When I was a college student I worked with the International Community Church in Columbia, Mo. I spent 2 years teaching the youth group and serving in other various  roles around the church. I was always blessed to see so many people from so many cultures and backgrounds in one place studying the bible and sharing the gospel with one another. This past Sunday I was blessed with an opportunity to return to the International Community Church and share with them about Japan. It was a challenge to share with so many international people, I prayed for God to use me as a humble servant to share the gospel and the need for the Japanese to know it.  I preached from the book of Colossians on “How God reveals himself to us.” My message was well received and we were able make some new contacts and talk with many wonderful people afterwards.

Have a listen here.


Made it to Missouri

Well we made it to Missouri. We had intended to be in Missouri at the beginning of April but due to some car trouble we ended up staying in Meridian a bit longer than be anticipated. Despite the minor issues at hand we had a great time in Mississppi and we are excited to see where our new partnership with Logos Community Church goes. We still have a few things left to take care of in Meridian so we will be returning to Mississippi after our time here in Missouri.


     We have been in Missouri for about two weeks now and we have been quite busy. Our first week here we were able to to visit Central Christian College of the Bible where I graduated. I had the opportunity to preach in chapel and share with the students about our time in Japan and to encourage them to suffer well is their future ministries. Megumi and I also had the opportunity to teach the East Asian Cultures class and talk about the myth of oriental-ism and the religions of Japan.  If you would like to listen to my message from Philippians 1:12 

[button link=”http://www.cccb.edu/sites/default/files/mp3/04172012.mp3″ newwindow=”yes”] Click Here[/button]


This past Sunday we were able to reconnect with the International Community Church. I served at ICC while attending CCCB. Everyone was excited to see us and asked us many questions. This week we were given the opportunity to sit down with the pastor and share about our history in Japan and where we are headed in the future. I will be preaching and sharing about our ministry on May 13th so please pray for that.