Day Seven: Chiba

Yesterday we took our time getting started with the day. We did some light shopping late morning and then had a picnic in the local park. The men and I then got on a train and rode in to Chiba City. There we met back up with our old friend, John Evans. We’ve spent time with him on our two previous trips to Japan. He is an MTW missionary currently in language school. We got to spend a few minutes with his beautiful family. He then took us to the top of Chiba Port Tower. We then took him out for a great dinner. We got on a train and took the long trek (about 1 1/2 hours) back to our apartment. We were quite exhausted, but it was a fun day. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with our favorite Aussie and laugh with him. He also brought us a package of Tim-Tams, our favorite Australian treat.

Today we head back into the city. We’ll do some souvenir shopping and sightseeing. We’ll stay in a hotel tonight. Tomorrow, we begin the long flight back to the states. I may or may not post tomorrow. This has been a fantastic trip. However, I’m tired. I’m ready to see my family.


Published by

Drew Glosson

I'm an missionary sent from Karis Church to serve with Soma Fuchu in Tokyo.

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